Sunday, 14 June 2015

Two Sure Steps to Cultured Garden Spaces

Planning your walkable garden area need not be difficult or time consuming. Blending the stability and easy maintenance of sod lawns with the precise installation of stepping stones, you can create romantic pathways, safe wildlife zones, and attractive settings without an enormous investment of time, money, or even space.

1.   Select Your Stones to Design Your Path

The benefits of stepping stones are numerous, but among the most notable are ease of application, use, and design. Available in carefully structured, uniform styles and in more organic styles, stepping stones may be placed to follow already established walking paths or in entirely new ways to open up a yard.  Depending on the type of walkway you choose to construct and the way you decide to direct your steps, your path may be very subtle or extremely stylized.

2.   Create a Lush Landscape with Sod   

The very best reasons for blending stone pathways with sod lawns are ease of maintenance and the ability to create a perfect, green landscape. While there are many types of attractive grasses, none is more easily shaped, grown, or maintained that a well-made sod. The easy-to-install, easy to cut and shape factors make sod ideal for use around flagstones, concrete blocks, and a wide assortment of garden structures or patios.

Stepping stones and sod come together easily for stunning effects. For more information on sod and stepping stones in Morgan Hill, visit this website.

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