Monday, 20 July 2015

Five Ways to Use Gravel to Accentuate Your Backyard


While backyard improvements may recall images of towering trees, cascading flowers and stone pathways, have you ever thought of how gravel can add to your landscape? Here are five simple ways to utilize innovative gravel in your own backyard.

1.  In Lieu of Grass

If you live in a drought prone area or are tired of paying too much for your water bills, gravel can be an easy substitute for grass. Raking in pea gravel or even river rock can create a decorative and low maintenance area free of sprinklers and lawn upkeep.

2.  Crushed Granite

A unique type of gravel landscaping is crushed granite. With a reddish-tan coloring this gravel adds a charming, rustic look. These silt like pieces are perfect for garden pathways and patios.

3.  Rock Edges

Gravel and river rock can also be used to create stunning edges along your flowerbeds or vegetable gardens. If you are feeling artistic, you may even consider creating a dry riverbed that meanders through your yard.

4.  Mix in Ornamental Plants

If you do not want gravel in your entire yard, section off a small garden area with a mix of pea gravel and ornamental grasses or orchids. This will create an elegant outdoor space and the gravel will provide excellent drainage for the plants.

5.  Checkerboard

One final and unique way to incorporate gravel into your landscaping is by creating a checkerboard of plants and gravel. This can be done by installing square wooden frames and filling them with gravel and ground cover plants.

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