Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Use Synthetic Grass in Your Yard

Many homeowners have grown weary of the endless cycle of mow, fertilize, water, repeat. The new solution to the old problem is turf grass. Turf grass has been used for decades on sports fields and the like, but new trends in residential synthetics are making the rounds. The benefits make the cost very worthwhile in some cases.

Artificial grass is comprised of filaments of polypropylenes or something similar attached to a porous backing material and laid over a bed of gravel or rubber crumbles. Water runs right through to the underlayment and never builds up to create mud holes.

The biggest benefit to turf grass in residential is the upkeep, or rather the lack of upkeep. Unlike regular old living grass, there’s never any need to mow, fertilize, or water. Depending on the cost of services in your area, that can mean savings of more than $1,000 per year, in addition to the cost of your back-breaking labor. That means synthetic grass can pay for itself in a matter of years, depending on your local cost structures. There’s no more time spent weeding and fertilizing and watering, and since time is money, your savings there is twofold.

Artificial grass never looks old or worn. It looks so good, in fact, that some manufacturers have started including patchy spots in their packages, to make your lawn look more realistic. That’s optional for the homeowner – there’s nothing wrong with perfection. To top it off, you can choose the species you prefer, so you get a green that you love.

Synthetics can last more than 20 years, depending on conditions. So that occasional or annualaerating, fertilizing, and reseeding that you’ve been doing, that can all be avoided.You can spend that time and money on something other than your lawn.

If a year round green is important to you, then artificial turf is going to be one of your top options. Bad weather and droughts don’t have their usual impact on you when you go synthetic. You can carry on, worry-free, when all of your neighbors bemoan the weather and its devastating effects on their lawns.

For those in drought-stricken parts of the world, synthetic grass can be particularly useful. Since you never need to water it, not only are you maintaining cost effectiveness, but you’re saving the world with your environmentally friendly lawn option.

Artificial lawns have gained popularity in the U.S. and abroad in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. For more information about the benefits and where to buy turf grass in Morgan Hill, visit this website.


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